Don’t be afraid
The Lord is your Shepherd
That is why He sent me, the Holy Spirit–here to you.
Because you have gotten lost and He wants to give you directions to get back home.

The Good Shepherd doesn’t ask if you deserve His love
He only asks that you will accept it.
And if you will, He will be your Shepherd…always.

You shall not want for anything that truly matters.
There will be peaceful places where you can rest your Spirit
He will restore your broken soul
And wherever you find yourself–He will be pointing the way
He will pour out so much goodness and mercy…
That it will overflow like a cup held beneath a waterfall…

And if you ask Him…you can dwell on that very mountaintop…
with the Lord forever.

You can walk threw the valleys because there is no evil to fear
For only the shadow of death lingers there.
Death itself has no power.

That is why He has prepared for you a table in the presence of your enemies,
Because there is nothing to be afraid of.

And it is at such a table, where you can sit and reason together.
He will lead you in the path of righteousness…

Will you follow?

God always wants the truth to be told.
Be willing to stand up and do the right thing.
Just call up to the mountain top where your help comes from…
and ask Him for directions.